Webinar “Occupational Safety” for Chinese Delegation

Webinar "Occupational Safety" for Chinese Delegation

Since the foundation of MIBRAG Consulting International GmbH, experts from MIBRAG have been supporting us with their know-how for the implementation of our international projects.

In recent years, the demand for further training in the mining sector has increased immensely. Among others, MIBRAG CI supervised further training projects within the framework of international projects in Chile, Vietnam and Kosovo.

In November 2022, the safety engineer of MIBRAG mbH, Mr. Steffen Hörold, supported us in conducting a training course for a Chinese delegation on the following topics:

  1. Management system for occupational safety in mining
  2. Procedures and measures for the prevention of industrial accidents

We would like to thank Mr. Hörold for his support in conducting the webinar.

At this point we also like to thank our MIBRAG colleagues for the participation, the sharing of their experience and the on-site assignments in our international consulting projects in general.