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Projects – Asia

Technical Support Thar Lignite Processability

Country: Pakistan

Time period: 2022-2023

Commodity: Lignite

  • Processability of lignite including dust production & briquetting
  • Equipment research and resulting suggestions for mine equipment based on lignite processability

Technical Audit of Thar Coal Mine

Country: Pakistan

Time period: 2022

Commodity: Lignite

  • Overview and assessment of Slope Monitoring System and the whole slope stability of mine and dump
  • Overview, assessment and planning of dewatering systems
  • Evaluation of mine operation procedures

Feasibility study for the development of coal field

Map of Bangladesh

Country: Bangladesh

Time period: 2017–2020

Commodity: Hard coal

  • Development of 3D geological model
  • Mine planning for open cast mine
  • Calculation of resources and reserves according to JORC Code
  • Economic analysis of specific tasks and topics
  • Environmental impact assessment and socio-economic study (EIA & EMP) according to World Bank Standard

International training in the mining sector to ensure sustainibility in resource management

Map of Vietnam

Country: Vietnam

Time period: 2012–2015

Commodity: Anthracite

  • Technical and commercial project management and team leading
  • Research of economic and social policy conditions in the Vietnamese mining sector
  • Research-based study on the technical conditions in the open-cast mines
  • Training needs analysis at clients company, performance of workshops/ expert discussions for main topic selection
  • Development, planning and on‐site coordination of these training courses:
    • Mine Management
    • Project Management for the Mining sector
    • Water and Environmental Management
    • Occupational Safety Training for Underground mining
  • Executive training for 55 staff of the client company on the above mentioned topics
  • Development of customized consulting offers for the open-cast  and anthracite underground mining
  • Development of concepts for “train-the-trainer” courses and for TVET management
  • Set up of a training centre for mining
  • Application of the business model into other markets

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