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Technical and financial due diligence for a vendor process

Map of Germany

Country: Germany

Time period: 2014–2016

Commodity: Lignite

  • Project management and technical management, administration and coordination of external technical and legal consultants
  • Coordination the transaction advisory banks and clients project managers as well as transaction team
  • Mine-related evaluation of the virtual dataroom and analysis of the provided documents, participation in site visits
  • Development of different mining and power plant scenarios considering various impacts (politics, energy price)
  • Analyses of organisational and staff structure
  • Development of an economic model related to the different opencast mines, railway transportation, refining and the centralized overhead
  • Risk assessment and estimation of potential cost savings
  • Support of client team after signing of sales and purchase agreement

Technical planning, management and support of recultivation works

Map of Germany

Country: Germany

Time period: 2017–ongoing

Commodity: Lignite

  • Advisory services during the development of a comprehensive reclamation plan for a former mining area
  • Development of comprehensive technical and financial earthmoving model including CAPEX and OPEX
  • Planning of stabilisation of two slumping areas
  • Development of a technically and economically optimised flooding concept considering the residual open pits and present hydrogeological conditions
  • Support and general supervision during implementation of the entire recultivation concept
  • Supervisioning and coordinating the construction of transportation roads
  • Advisory services for the preparation of documents required by authorities
  • Implementing the dismantling process of the mining equipment
  • Supervision of expert reports
  • Technical and financial modelling of the reclamation operation
  • General supervision of the rehabilitation phase for all present residual voids
  • Project management of long term rehabilitation project (creation of 3 post-mining lakes)

Technical, technological and economic due diligence for vendor process

Map of Hungary

Country: Hungary

Time period: 2017

Commodity: Lignite

  • Evaluation of the existing situation of the coal mines including geology, reserve estimation, hydrology, dewatering and mine planning
  • Analyses of mining equipment, maintenance and infrastructure including plausibility check of maintenance concept and planned costs
  • Analysis of the railway transportation including functionality, maintenance and capacities
  • Assessment and plausibility check of mine closure and recultivation plans
  • Analysis of organisational structure and staff structure, availability of manpower, their skills and long term development
  • Status evaluation of relevant contracts, mine permissions, licenses, relocation, water management and other environmental aspects
  • Development of an economic model related to different opencast mines, railway and overland conveyor belt transportation (CAPEX and OPEX)
  • Risk assessment and classification using three-tier scheme

Project management consulting for the installation of new overburden systems and stockyard equipment

Map of Serbia

Country: Serbia

Time period: 2013–2020

Commodity: Lignite

  • Analysis, evaluation and implementation of supplier contracts and mining plans
  • Risk analysis for project implementation
  • Supervision of project progress
  • Monitoring of construction progress in the mines
  • Monitoring of start-up processes and execution of performance tests
  • Support during accounting processes

Development of lignite opencast mining project

Map of Turkey

Country: Turkey

Time period: 2014–2015

Commodity: Lignite

  • Development of exploration programmes and evaluation of results
  • Data analysis and development of 3D geological models including coal quality modelling for three deposits
  • Geological resource evaluation according to JORC standard
  • Reserve estimation
  • Planning of different alternatives for mine equipment usage
  • Technical and economic evaluation under consideration of environmental measures
  • Analysis of different spoil tip options and their dimensions as well as designs

Drilling work, hydrological and geotechnical exploration, update of resource report and mine planning

Map of Turkey

Country: Turkey

Time period: 2019–2020

Commodity: Lignite

  • Analysis of current hydrological and hydrogeological situation and definition of groundwater measuring drillings
  • Planning and implementation of suggested dewatering measures during mine operations
  • Development of geological resource exploration drilling programme
  • Validation of existing drill holes as well as design
  • Determination geotechnical drilling locations
  • Analysis of geotechnical samples for
    parameter determination for open-pit mine design
  • Updating geological 3D model
  • Completing life of mine schedule including pit and dump design

Evaluation of current planning processes

Country: Ukraine

Time period: 2022

Commodity: Iron ore

  • Evaluation of the mine design and planning teams (planning and software skills as well as the related mining processes)
  • Assessment of mining operation (personnel capacities, mining technologies and operational processes)

Geological Exploration of a Pozzolan Deposit

Country: Iceland

Time period: 2022-2023

Commodity: Pozzolan

  • Geological exploration – planning and sample monitoring
  • Laboratory analysis and geological characterization of a pozzolan deposit

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