A member of the MIBRAG Group
                       A member of the MIBRAG Group
                       A member of the MIBRAG Group



MIBRAG (Mitteldeutsche Braunkohlengesellschaft mbH) chiefly mines raw brown coal and produces and sells brown coal dust, electricity and heat. The main customers of the indigenous raw material brown coal are the power plants at Schkopau (Saxony-Anhalt) and Lippendorf (Saxony), sugar producer Suedzucker AG Zeitz, and multi-utility Stadtwerke Dessau. Every year, MIBRAG extracts up to 20 million tonnes of brown coal in the two open pits Vereinigtes Schleenhain (Saxony) and Profen (Saxony-Anhalt).

MIBRAG’s range of services:

  • Production and sale of raw brown coal, brown coal dust, electricity and heat
  • Extraction and sale of associated deposits such as gravel and clay
  • Raising the water level to flood disused open pits
  • Recultivation and rehabilitation of former open pit areas
  • Training



Like MIBRAG Consulting International GmbH, GALA-MIBRAG Service GmbH is a wholly owned subsidiary of MIBRAG.

Its broad range of services includes:

  • Horticulture and landscaping
  • Recultivation of mining regions
  • Revitalization schemes
  • Remediation and monitoring


MUEG “ Mitteldeutsche Umwelt- und Entsorgung GmbH

Environmental, waste disposal and recycling contractor Mitteldeutsche Umwelt- und Entsorgung GmbH, a 50% stake in which is owned by MIBRAG, performs a range of services including:

  • Planning, engineering and consulting in mining, landfilling and recycling
  • Water and sewage treatment, river and lake management
  • Disposal and recycling of power plant waste
  • Exploration and clean-up of contaminated sites
  • Immobilization and inertization of waste
  • Treatment and co-incineration of substitute fuels from production residue
  • Mechanical waste sorting


MIBRAG Neue Energie GmbH

In January 2010, MIBRAG New Energy GmbH was founded as a new subsidiary of MIBRAG. The company is engaged in the planning, implementation and execution of projects for the power generation from renewable energy and from decentralized sources, including their distribution. The first project was the construction of 3 wind turbines (6.9 MW) and was completed in December 2010.